Why Your Web Site Is Not Sufficient (.And Never Will Be, Sorry)

Why Your Website Is Not Enough (.And Never Will Be, Sorry)

One of the most curious aspects of the digital / social marketing revolution is seeing silver maned ad men trying to ‘get’ the new paradigm*. Not that there’s anything wrong with being silver maned.

Add hyperlinks in the description section of your clip to draw people to your website. If you are using YouTube, add a YouTube Call To Action on your video. For a $5 fee you can have a direct link to your website or Facebook page as a banner below your video.

There are a lot of no’s to get one yes. I love talking to people, so for me it wasn’t grueling. Cold calling and networking may be laborious, but it beats the heck out of digging ditches and scrubbing toilets. I know, because I’ve done both.

Be sure to apply the KISS principle here. Keep it simple, in layman’s terms so you engage a larger audience. Keep it short as well. Just a minute or two should suffice and you’ll be able to keep your audience, who has a very short attention span, watching.

Developing this skill is not an option any more. About 83 % of executive recruiters use search engines to find out information about candidates and according to More Magazine’s latest survey, about 43% took people out of the running because of information found online.

Pay per click: The concept can be understood by an example of a broker. You want to buy a property, you go to the broker, he shows you various target areas, and you don’t pay for him anything till you find your dream land. He takes his commission to deal and leaves. Similarly you find a high traffic website, bag a banner and then pay the website on per click of the audience. It makes a cost effective deal all the way.

Are you a writer? Blogging is another form of media you can try. Blogging is a prevailing tool to endorse products as well as businesses. It is not shocking how you could look here used this as their prime way to promotion.

They are also keen to see how the cogs turn – the process for developing your business, book, product, service or cause. They want to know the some high points of your experiences. They want to be privy to your highs and lows, your ups and downs, the near disasters that almost took you down. In a word, they want drama.

Another filter option is for language and also devices. You can filter your results according to which device the search has come. This could be desktop and laptop devices or mobile devices.

Paul Buchanan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional Blue Wedding Invitations.

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